After becoming concerned with her own hair, Jillian started reaching out to chemists and labs to develop a shampoo and conditioner that would not only clean the hair but also benefit the scalp to provide stronger, shinier, healthier hair. Everything from lather and scent (a blend of eucalyptus and mint to stimulate), ingredients in this shampoo have been carefully considered, thought out and tested by Jillian to be a shampoo that has noticeable results after a few weeks of use. Her goal has been to provide a luxury salon product with ingredients that naturally boost the follicle with amino acids and vitamins. She has developed a product that naturally absorbs in the scalp and hair to encourage healthy, fuller, shinier hair and, in turn, helps make your hair the best version of itself.

Jillian's passion for hair and making people look and feel beautiful has made her one of the most respected hair stylists in the industry. Over her twenty five year career, Jillian has been featured in countless magazines and online leading to be chosen as Allure's "Best of the Best in Beauty" three times!! Jillian’s dedication and excellence in beauty includes her considerable work outside the salon in print, film and television. During the past two decades she is often styling actors, models, politicians and athletes across the globe but most of all enjoys her everyday work.